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BTI - Projector lamp - UHM - 300 Watt


BTI - Projector lamp - UHM - 300 Watt - 4000 hour(s) - for Panasonic PT-D5000, DW530, DW640, DW730, DW740, DX500, DX610, DX810, DZ570, DZ680, DZ770

Manufacturer: Battery Technology
Item Inso: 3466411

BTI - Projector lamp - UHM - 300 Watt - 4000 hour(s) - for Panasonic PT-D5000, PT-D5000S, PT-D5000U, PT-D5000UK, PT-D6000, PT-D6000ELS, PT-D6000ES, PT-D6000LS, PT-D6000S, PT-D6000U, PT-D6000ULS, PT-D6000US, PT-DW530, PT-DW530E, PT-DW6300, PT-DW6300ELS, PT-DW6300ES, PT-DW6300LS, PT-DW6300S, PT-DW6300UK, PT-DW6300ULK, PT-DW6300ULS, PT-DW6300US, PT-DW640, PT-DW640E, PT-DW640L, PT-DW640S, PT-DW640U, PT-DW640UK, PT-DW640ULK, PT-DW730, PT-DW730E, PT-DW730EL, PT-DW730S, PT-DW730U, PT-DW730UK, PT-DW730UL, PT-DW730ULK, PT-DW730ULS, PT-DW730US, PT-DW740, PT-DW740S, PT-DW740U, PT-DW740UK, PT-DW740UL, PT-DW740ULK, PT-DW740ULS, PT-DW740US, PT-DX500, PT-DX500E, PT-DX500U, PT-DX610, PT-DX610E, PT-DX610L, PT-DX610S, PT-DX610U, PT-DX800S, PT-DX810, PT-DX810K, PT-DX810S, PT-DX810U, PT-DX810UK, PT-DX810UL, PT-DX810ULK, PT-DX810ULS, PT-DX810US, PT-DZ570, PT-DZ570E, PT-DZ570U, PT-DZ6700, PT-DZ6700E, PT-DZ6700EL, PT-DZ6700L, PT-DZ6700U, PT-DZ6700UK, PT-DZ6700UL, PT-DZ6710, PT-DZ6710E, PT-DZ6710EL, PT-DZ6710L, PT-DZ6710U, PT-DZ6710UL, PT-DZ680, PT-DZ680L, PT-DZ680S, PT-DZ680U, PT-DZ770, PT-DZ770K, PT-DZ770LK, PT-DZ770S, PT-DZ770U, PT-DZ770UK, PT-DZ770UL, PT-DZ770ULK, PT-DZ770ULS, PT-DZ770US, PT-FD550, PT-FD600, PT-FD600L, PT-FD605, PT-FD605L, PT-FD670, PT-FDW43, PT-FDW630, PT-FDW635, PT-FDW635L, PT-FDW83, PT-FDW83L, PT-FDW84CK, PT-FDW84CKL, PT-FDX40, PT-FDX81C, PT-FDX81CL, PT-FDX90, PT-FDX90L, PT-FDX91CK, PT-FDX91CKL, PT-FDZ47, PT-FDZ670, PT-FDZ675C, PT-FDZ675CL, PT-FDZ675L, PT-FDZ680, PT-FDZ685, PT-FDZ685L, PT-FDZ87, PT-FDZ87CK, PT-FDZ87CKL

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Product DescriptionBTI projector lamp
Product TypeProjector lamp - UHM - 300 Watt
Lamp Life Cycle4000 hour(s)
Manufacturer Warranty6-month warranty
Designed ForPanasonic PT-D5000, D6000, DW530, DW6300, DW640, DW730, DW740, DX500, DX610, DX810, DZ570, DZ6700, DZ6710, DZ680, DZ770


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