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BTI - Power adapter - 45 Watt - black


BTI - Power adapter - 45 Watt - black - for HP EliteBook 830 G6; Fortis 11 G9; Pro Mobile Thin Client mt440 G3; ZBook 15u G6

Manufacturer: Battery Technology
Item Inso: 5289190

BTI-1HE07AA#ABA-BTI ( EQUIVALENT TO 00HM663, 00HM664, 1HE07AA#ABA, 1MZ01AA#ABA, 4X20M26256, 814838-002, 815033-850, 815049-001, 81MH0006US, 81MH0007US, 848293-850, N8N14AA#ABL, X7Z67AV) 45 WATT - FOR ASUS C213SA, C223NA, C302CA, C425TA, C434TA, C523NA, HP 612 G2, PAVILION 15-AU025TX, PAVILION 15-AU026TX, PAVILION 15-AU035TX, PAVILION 15-AW001AX, PROBOOK 430 G5, SPECTRE 13T-V000, SPECTRE 13-V001DX, SPECTRE 13-V001LA, SPECTRE 13-V001NA, SPECTRE 13-V001TU, SPECTRE 13-V002TU, SPECTRE 13-V003TU, SPECTRE 13-V004TU, SPECTRE 13-V005TU, SPECTRE 13-V009TU, SPECTRE 13-V010CA, SPECTRE 13-V011DX, SPECTRE 13-V011TU, SPECTRE 13-V012TU, SPECTRE 13-V013TU, SPECTRE 13-V014TU, SPECTRE 13-V015TU, SPECTRE 13-V016TU, SPECTRE 13-V018CA, SPECTRE 13-V021NR, SPECTRE 13-V021TU, SPECTRE 13-V022TU, SPECTRE 13-V023TU, SPECTRE 13-V024TU, SPECTRE 13-V025TU, SPECTRE 13-V026TU, SPECTRE 13-V027TU, SPECTRE 13-V028TU, SPECTRE 13-V029TU, SPECTRE 13-V030TU, SPECTRE 13-V031TU, SPECTRE 13-V032TU, SPECTRE 13-V033TU, SPECTRE 13-V034TU, SPECTRE 13-V035TU, SPECTRE 13-V036TU, SPECTRE 13-V037TU, SPECTRE 13-V038TU, SPECTRE 13-V039TU, SPECTRE 13-V040TU, SPECTRE 13-V041TU, SPECTRE 13-V101DX, SPECTRE 13-V111DX, SPECTRE 13-V151NR, SPECTRE X2 12-A001CY, SPECTRE X2 12-A001DS, SPECTRE X2 12-A001DX, SPECTRE X2 12-A001TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A002DX, SPECTRE X2 12-A002TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A003TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A004TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A005TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A006TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A007TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A008NR, SPECTRE X2 12-A008TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A009NR, SPECTRE X2 12-A009TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A010NR, SPECTRE X2 12-A010TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A011NR, SPECTRE X2 12-A011TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A012NR, SPECTRE X2 12-A012TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A013TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A014TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A015TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A016TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A017TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A018TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A019TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A020TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A021TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A022TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A023TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A024TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A025TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A026TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A027TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A028TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A029TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A030TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A031TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A032TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A033TU, SPECTRE X2 12-A066NR, SPECTRE X2 12-AB010NR, SPECTRE X2 12T-A000, STREAM 13-C111TU, LENOVO T470, T470S, T570, X1 CARBON 5TH GEN, X1 TABLET 2ND GEN, X1 YOGA 2ND GEN, SAMSUNG XE510C24K01US, XE510C24K02US, XE510C24K03US, XE510C24K04US, XE510C24KS1US, XE510C25K01US, XE513C24K01US, XE520QABK01US, XE520QABK02US, XE520QABK03US, XE521QABK02US, XE521QABK03US, XE525QBBK01US

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Product DescriptionBTI - power adapter - 45 Watt
Device TypePower adapter - external
Output Voltage20 V
Power Capacity45 Watt
Output connectors1 x 24 pin USB-C
Manufacturer Warranty2-year warranty
Designed ForHP EliteBook 830 G6; Fortis 11 G9; Pro Mobile Thin Client mt440 G3; ProBook 430 G7, 430 G8, 440 G7, 440 G8, 445r G6, 44X G6, 44X G9, 450 G7, 450 G8, 455r G6, 45X G5, 45X G6, 45X G9, 470 G5, 640 G5, 64X G4, 650 G4, 650 G5, Fortis 14 G9; ZBook 14u G6, 15u G6; ZBook Firefly 14 G7, 14 G9, 15 G7, 16 G9


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