The increasing use of IT in the field of video post-production and broadcasting, as well as the constant evolution of today's production needs have pushed audiovisual professionals to transfer their content from magnetic tapes to hard drives. However, not all digitalization process can guarrantee a successful migration.

Our solutions go further thant the usual ingest solutions, mixing key features to optimize media recording and pre-editing process. Our solutions offer extended ingest, logging, search and follow-up functionalities that will virtually improve any workflow.

Those unique features allow:

  • Sharing, editing, using the same media file at the same time by an Avid or a Final Cut Pro software without transcoding or duplicating.
  • Starting the work way before the capture event is finished, thanks to the edit during capture feature. Our solution allows two ways to do this critical mission – the files are constantly adding up directly in the timeline where they are cut in real time in clips of a pre-defined lenght that will automatically associate together.
  • Offering transcoding and media transfer in different XDCAM and P2 workflows thanks to the "file ingest".
  • Leaving to the editors, assistants and directors the care of setting up the clips and sub-clips in bins or sequences, before bringing them to editing.
  • Standardizing repetitive logging operations for sports events and reality show productions thanks to the real-time logging and the custom metadata templates.
  • Analyzing and managing captured clips before storing them in media content servers.

For more information : or 514-271-INSO


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